This is my husband and I

 with my parents (may they rest in peace)

 on our wedding day, June 5, 1999.


Wether you choose

traditional Christian ceremony,

 civil ceremony,



or something a litte off-beat,

I am happy to provide you with the ceremony

that expresses your own

 unique style and personality. 




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Your Wedding Ceremony


A wedding ceremony typically consists of a combination of some or all of the following elements.  You have the choice of which elements will be part of your unique ceremony and have choices within each element.  Either I can put together a ceremony after learning a little bit about you, or I can provide you with a list of options to choose from.


  • Prelude
  • Lighting of the Candles
  • Processional
  • Opening Remarks
  • Opening Prayer
  • Giving Away of the Bride
  • Worship Song, Solo, or Reading
  • Charge to the Bride & Groom
  • The Pledge
  • Wedding Vows
  • Second reading or song
  • Exchanging of the Rings
  • Lighting of Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony
  • Closing Prayer
  • The Pronouncement or Declaration of Marriage
  • The Kiss
  • Presentation/Introduction of the Couple
  • Recessional 
Stephanie and Shawn Piras

 The wedding of Stephanie and Shawn Piras.

Your wedding ceremony is as important to me as mine was. I will work with you to help determine the type of ceremony that best suits you. I will  help make your wedding as personal and special as possible.